The Dremel 4000-4/34 Rotary Tool Reviewed

dremel-4000The Dremel 4000-4/34 can be used for many jobs including work on wood, glass, and metal objects. It can be also be used for carving or engraving, cutting, cleaning/polishing, and grinding. If you need a tool with many accessories, this will be for you!

What Make This Particular Rotary Tool Handy?

The Dremel offers high speed cutters for projects like hollowing out wood or making grooves for design. It also should be mentioned that there is a variable speed for maximum control. Do you own other Dremel rotary tool accessories? They’ll work for this model too.

Are There Any Considerations to Think About?

If you need a tool that is more versatile, there are other offerings from Dremel that come with a flex-shaft to help in tight spots. Although this model doesn’t come with a flexible neck, you’ll still get four (4) attachments and 34 accessories to use.


Dremel has a great line-up of tools and this is no exception. There are many accessories to choose from as well as the opportunity to use other accessories from other Dremel tools. You can start right away with your next project using this model.

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