Review: Rust Oleum Cabinet Transformation – A True Miracle?

Is Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformation worth your time and money? There is no question that we’re talking about an enormously popular product for homeowners here. Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformation makes a number of promises. For one thing, they promise to enhance the form and function of your kitchen cabinets to an amazing degree. In the second place, the product and company promises that even with little-to-zero handyperson experience, you can use this product. Read this Review to find out if it delivers on the hype …

The Value Of Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to the defining elements of your kitchen, which single element would you consider to be the most important? Regardless of your answer (there isn’t really a wrong answer here), you would have to agree that cabinets are one of the most important aspects to the space. Obviously, you want something functional.

At the same time, you also want to have cabinets that contribute to the aesthetic and atmosphere of your kitchen. You certainly want cabinets that are going to look great and function flawlessly for years and years to come. Cabinet Transformations from Rust-Oleum promises to help you with all of that. Ultimately, the appeal of this product comes down to its promise that with Cabinet Transformation, you won’t have to opt for costly repairs or replacements. On this front, we think you’re going to be pretty pleased with everything Cabinet Transformation offers.

If you are a homeowner who is looking for an effective, safe approach to extending the lifespan of their kitchen cabinets, you’re definitely going to want to at least consider what Rust-Oleum is offering.

Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformation: Pros And Cons

It comes in the folowing varieties: Charcoal, Winter Fog, Peppled ivory, Desert Sand, Onyx, Dark Tin, Light Tint in large or small kit format!
It comes in the folowing varieties: Espresso, Dark Tint, Light Tint in large or small kit format!

Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformation is a coating system. It is designed to not only be a more cost-effective solution to improving your cabinets, but it is also designed to be something that virtually anyone can take advantage of. These are two of the biggest benefits to this product, but they are not the only perks by any means.

In addition to being both affordable and straightforward, Cabinet Transformation eliminates the downtime that usually comes with having your cabinets repaired or replaced. This is the kind of work that you can bang out over a Saturday morning. You’re also going to find that this cabinet transformation product is comprehensive. It can work with wood cabinetry, melamine cabinetry, and laminate cabinetry. The product also avoids the need for stripping, sanding, and priming. After cleaning and de-glossing, you will apply your bond coat. You can also apply a decorative glaze, but this is strictly optional. Finally, you will apply the protective coat. It really doesn’t get much more straightforward than that. More to the point, Cabinet Transformation is a DIY homeowners product that delivers fast, impressive results. Rust-Oleum made a number of elaborate promises with this system. It would seem as though the company delivers nicely on every imaginable front. Beyond brushes, and maybe, a tray, the kit is going to give you everything you need. The DVD included with the kit should make things even easier.

Not only is the paint odor-free, but it dries in hardly any time at all.

Are there downsides?

But it’s not a perfect product, although it’s pretty close to the mark. For example, the DVD isn’t always correct. It tells you that you will only need two layers of your bond coat, but it may turn out that you’ll need to apply more than that. It’s not a big deal, but it can be a little annoying.

And while this DIY cabinet kit is designed for efficiency, certain tasks can make you feel a little impatient. A good example of this would be the fact that the kit discourages using rollers or sprayers. You are instead asked to use a brush. In the end, this is the best way to use the kit, but it still means taking a slightly longer route than you may prefer.

These are small points. In the end, even if the glaze doesn’t look exactly like what you have on the box, you’re still going to be pleased with everything this kit features. The pros most certainly outweigh the cons.


You really can’t say enough nice things about Cabinet Transformation. It is perfect for homeowners who don’t have a ton of experience with DIY kitchen projects. It is also obviously perfect for those who do. Simply watch the DVD, follow the instructions (although occasionally, you will have to deviate from those, as we mentioned before), and you should be fine.

The fact that this kit is so affordable is one of the first things that gave us pause. If something could be this affordable, then there would have to be a catch. The quality would have to suffer to some degree. That is not the case here. You’re going to be thrilled with the final result. Cabinet Transformation is ideal for anyone who wants to transform their cabinets.