Rolling Tool Chest – A Must Have!

I would like to share to you a little something that I have found out and have experienced first – hand before we go on with the rolling tool chests. Do not worry because everything that I am sharing will have its pertinence. There are two situations that I will say to you. The first is this…I have a friend who has been working in a hospital as a registered nurse for several years. He has invited me countless times to see that being a registered nurse is no walk in the park. I used to label nurses as a glorified position that id not require much work. But boy did he prove me wrong. There were a lot of times when a patient in the ward would suffer from cardiac arrest or pulmonary distress, both of which are deadly. I always observed that during these emergency situations, the nurse assigned to the patient would be the one responsible pulling the emergency cart into the room of the patient.

Let us cut that story short and move on to the next situation. My mom, years ago, had a second-hand, rusty, broken down tub of bolts that we called a car. Seeing as we did not have the financial ability to purchase a new automobile let alone fix the sad excuse we call a car, my cousin went ahead and volunteered to get the car fixed. Since I was the son in charge of overlooking the progress of the car, I spent countless hours in the automobile repair shop alongside grease monkeys trying to squeeze my cousin for every dollar that he has. During my observation, I noticed these repairmen had tool containers that they pulled around when they were working on my mother’s car.

Now, what do these two scenarios have in common? Go on, I will give you a minute to review the two stories and tell me what is common among them. Yes, you guessed it right. Both of the stories had a worker who had with him something, a container, where he could put his tools in. In the “registered nurse” story, he had with him his Emergency Cart and in the “Grease Monkey” story, he had with him his tool containers that he pulled around. Only one thing hit my mind, they all kept important equipment that they needed, within reach, in these.

Are you looking to put all your important tools in a rolling tool chest of your own? What are the things that you need to know before purchasing one? There are some basic questions that you need to answer when you are just about to buy your very own.

How many or how much tools are you looking to store? Rolling tool chests come in a wide variety. There are those that have minimal shelves and others that can extend up to 8 tiers, depending on the manufacturer and the number of tools you wish to store. If you will categorize your tools and you have a large number in your collection then you might need a rolling tool chest that has a lot of shelves. If you have large tools then there are those that have bigger lower compartments than some.

rolling tool chest boxes

Does size matter? Yes it does! If it does then what size do you need? Yes you may have the largest tool collection. Or you may want to categorize the tools by their type and by their manufacturer. But if you do not have the closet space or garage space to store thechest itself then you are looking to have a very cluttered home. Take into account the size of your home and where you plan to store the it when not in use.

Is a locking tool box really that important? That depends on where you are planning to store your rolling tool chest. Are you planning to keep it indoors inside your closet? Or are you planning to just have it lying around in your backyard? If you find yourself thinking this one way too seriously then I would suggest having one with a lock, that way you can rest assured that your tools are not going anywhere.

Shelf space is also important. How big do you want yours to be? There are just two types of shelves to choose from and that is a shallow shelf or a deep shelf. Choosing one over the other depends on the type of tools you have in your collection and the type of tools you are looking to add. If you have any tools that need two hands to operate then I suggest purchasing a rolling tool chest with some deep shelves. If you have a whole collection of monkey wrenches, too numerous to have won yourself a spot in the Guinness World Records, then you might want to have multiple shallow shelves.

These are but a few questions that you need to answer that will help you choose the right one for you. A few more tips before you go on your merry way. There are a lot of rolling tool chests in the market and a way to find the right one for you is to ask around, especially to people who have their own experience with prospective tool chests that you are eyeing. Before purchasing a rolling tool chest, make sure that you are absolutely certain because these storage devices do not come cheap. Personally, I do not really need one with a built – in radio, refrigerator, cooler…I just do not need one with a built – in anything. It defeats the purpose of the rolling tool chest as being just that, a storage device. If you needed a radio or a refrigerator then you should have just bought those instead I do not think that it is wise to buy these types because I really cannot see myself fixing up my car while drinking a can of beer. But regardless of my tips and tricks, in the end, it is you who will decide.


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