Review: Roberts Model 10-600 Professional Electric Stapler!

An electric stapler can be very useful for upholstery. If you like making furniture, then no doubt you will occasionally find yourself wanting to add a pattern or some color. Maybe you want to attach a cushion? In short, maybe you don’t want to make do with a hard wooden chair…

The question then is how you go about attaching that material element to your woodwork. And the answer is with an electric stapler. But that’s not all you can do with an electric staple gun. These tools are also very useful for installing sheets of installation, installing carpet and even hanging LED lights. These are one of those tools that make life easier and even if you don’t realize you need one, once you get one, you’ll find that lots of applications and uses suddenly present themselves.

The question though, is how you go about choosing an electric stapler and how you ensure that you are getting a tool that will perform well and handle everything you need it to. Is the Roberts Model 10-600 just such a tool? We tested it for a while and here’s what we have to say…

Product Description: Well Made and Good to Use

This is a nicely made staple gun that looks quite attractive actually in polished chrome and red. It also comes with a carry case, which is always a nice additional touch and can be handy for storage and transportation. The handle is comfortable enough to hold and the trigger is easy to reach. It’s also light enough to use, though this isn’t as big a dealer generally with a staple gun as it is with a nail gun.

Note that his is a pneumatic tool. That is to say that you’re going to need an air compressor to get it to work. If you don’t already have an air compressor, then you should factor this into the overall price. However, an air compressor is generally a very useful tool and can be bought fairly cheaply – it’s something that any home improvement aficionado should own anyway!

To use, the Roberts Model 10-600 offers a great experience. It rarely misfires (though this does happen on occasion and is more common with staple guns vs nail guns) and doesn’t tend to jam. It’s more than powerful enough for the vast majority of tasks and it is light and good to use. In our tests we found it reliable and pleasant and one reviewer with arthritis said she had no problem with it – so that’s a pretty good testament!

Pros and Cons: Awesome on the Whole

The big pro with the Roberts Model 10-600 is that it works incredibly well and is reliable. What more can you ask for really?

This is a light and easy to use tool that is plenty powerful enough and that doesn’t tend to jam or misfire. As mentioned, misfires as a little more common with staple guns so it will happen, but it’s really not a big deal.

While this is true though, there are always going to be a few caveats with any tool and this is no different. For us, the Roberts Model 10-600 worked perfectly and was a joy to use but there are a couple of complaints about faulty units. This is a common issue to be fair though and you shouldn’t let it put you off too much – it just means that the company could possibly stand to improve its quality control.

The only other issue that one review mentions, is that if you put a staple in the wrong place it will be a struggle to get out. But that just shows you how powerful it is!


Overall, there isn’t really much you need from a staple gun. It just needs to put staples in your materials reliably. The Roberts Model 10-600 does that and so it comes with our full recommendation. This is a well made staple gun that works reliably, doesn’t tend to misfire and comes with a nice carry case. There aren’t many fancy features but you don’t really need any for a staple gun.