Precision screwdriver set

Most people try to save money by taking care of small repairs in the home themselves. Of course it is always cheaper to fix and build items without hiring someone, but only if you do a quality job. Owning the best tools available can make any DIY project cheaper, quicker and a lot more professional. So what do you need? Let’s start with a quality precision screwdriver set.

How to choose and use the best set

The main tool to have in your home DIY tool kit is a precision screwdriver set. A regular screwdriver is, along with a hammer, the main tool that is needed for almost any building or repairing project that you are working on. Who does not recognize a situation in which you need a specific type or size of screwdriver for your job and all you can find is one you can’t use? With this set you always have the right type of screwdriver at hand, ready to use. So what exactly is it?

Why do you need a precision screwdriver set in your tool kit?

The precision is no different from a regular screwdriver, when it comes to its usability. However, these sets include a screwdriver handle and a series of screwdriver heads that are interchangeable. This way any type of specific screwdriver head that you probably need is available to you and can be attached to the grip. This makes buying a set an often much cheaper option if you are looking for a total solution to your DIY tool needs. The second benefit of owning one is the fact that you need a lot less room to store your screwdrivers, as these sets come in small handy boxes.

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Precision screwdriver sets are available in different qualities and prices. Choosing a cheap set is an option if you only use your tools a few times a year. If you want more use out of your tools it is really worth investing in a quality  set that will last and is made of high quality steel with a black tip. These screwdriver bits are reinforced and will not get damaged in regular use.

How to use a precision screwdriver set

A precision driver set is just what you need when it comes to fixing shelves to walls, repairing furniture or doing any other job in or around the house involving screws. Make sure to store your set in a place that is easy to access! How do you get the best use out of your precision screwdriver set? By following these tips:

Figure out what type of screwdriver you need for your project. Double check any building instructions if you are assembling furniture to make sure that you have all the necessary tools ready to use. Depending on the type of screwdriver set that you own, the range of available heads varies between 6 and 50 different attachments. There are manual and electronic screwdrivers to choose from. An electronic screwdriver is a good buy if you are unable to put a lot of pressure on the tool whilst turning it, as the machine does all the turning for you at a high speed. This makes an electronic screwdriver a great tool to use for people who enjoy doing DIY projects at home but have limited abilities when it comes to fixing screws in.

Test the screwdriver heads with the screws that you will be using to make sure that you have selected the right heads for your project.This will eventually save you a lot of time, as you won’t have to stop working on your job to search for another screwdriver head.

Switching from one precision screwdriver head to another could not be simpler. The heads all have hexagonal bases that correspond with a hexagonal gap in the screwdriver handle. You can remove a screwdriver head by simply pulling it out of its socket, after which you put in another one. As the heads are small it is important to remember to place them back into the screwdriver case when your project is finished.

Clean the screwdriver heads and handle every once in a while. The handle gap may collect dust from projects and this can make the heads difficult to fit. Wipe the handle down with a damp cloth and tap it gently to remove dust from the inside of the handle. The screwdriver heads can be cleaned by placing them in a gentle soap solution and rinsing them off. Make sure to dry them before placing them back in the case.

Use the right screws with the correct screwdriver heads!

Screws are used in DIY projects to join and fix different types of materials together. From MDF to sheets of solid wood, there is a specific type of screw for any project. However, not every type of screw can be used for any kind if material. The main benefit of joining materials with screws is the fact that the screw can always be taken out if needed. What main types of screws are there?

Countersunk screws are used for most types of wood and makes a flush connection with the material it is used in. This makes this type of screw an excellent choice for fixing drawers, locks or door hinges in wood.

A pozidriv screw is great for fixing wood together in corners and is great to use with a precision screwdriver set. This screw needs to be fixed in whilst applying pressure.

Round headed screws are meant to be used for a project in which flush countersunk holes are not needed. This type of screw is often used as a decorative feature and are made of brass or metal. They are often used in upholstery projects.

With this guide you should be able to buy the right precision screwdriver set for your DIY needs. Figure out what projects you want to complete in the time to come and what materials you prefer to use in your projects. Doing this will help you make the right choice for a quality tool set that will last a long time.