Makita UC3530A: The best electric chainsaw for professional work?

Are you one of these old-fashioned gents who seriously believe that electric chainsaws are mere toys? I’ll use this Review to demonstrate, that a proper electric chainsaw comes with a lot of “juice” to tackle almost any task!

Let’s rock on!

The Japan-based Makita Corporation has been producing lines of popular consumer and commercial power tools since its founding in 1915. That’s quite a long time to perfect your product. The UC3530A chainsaw is another addition to the company’s industrial power tool catalog. This product is billed as a heavy duty, fast cutting chainsaw with the ability to stand up to the needs of commercial projects.

The Makita in all its glory!
The Makita in all its glory!

Consumers and professionals looking for a convenient yet functional power tool may be enticed, but will the UC3530A be able to manage the demands of advanced cutting jobs? Most people believe, that electric chainsaws are only good for light work in the garden. Boy, they are so wrong! This model may cost twice as much as some of the light duty alternatives. The price is worth it though if you are looking for a serious saw that comes with modern conveniences. But is it really the best electric chainsaw on the market ?

Makita UC3530A Electric Chainsaw Features

The UC3530A is a little heavier than other models, coming to almost 11 pounds with the bar and chain. The unit measures a just over 19 inches long without the 14 inch guide bar attached and can reach a chain speed of 2,600 FPM. Rubberized handles provide a comfortable grip that makes long jobs much easier to handle with fewer breaks.This power tool is intended for intense tasks, which is why Makita equipped it with an automatic chain oiler. This feature ensures that the chain remains functioning properly during heavy, continuous use. A large capacity oil reserve is built in along with a level view window so the user can easily monitor quantities. A power source is required to keep this 15 AMP tool operating. Additional features include:

  • Built in current limiter to prevent overloads and motor burn out
  • Electric chain brake to improve productivity
  • Double insulation to keep the operator protected
  • Large trigger switch with smooth soft start
  • A tool-less blade and chain adjustment system eliminates the need for extra tools to maintain maximum operating capacity. A one touch control is included to manage tension using a simple lever. This system is also utilized when changing out the chain. A large metal spike is attached to the unit to provide a stable pivot point while cutting.

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What makes the Makita UC3530A Chainsaw so great?

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One of the biggest boasts about the UC3530A chainsaw is its lifespan. Many consumers, including those with significant professional experience as a wood cutter, complimented the unit for its strong build. This Makita model is made to last for years when properly stored and maintained. You really want to buy quality, if you are looking to spend your hard earned cash. There is not use in choosing cheap imitations which are less durable than the Makita. Buy cheap, buy twice! The fact that this product lasts you a long time, makes it a good investment. But there is more. The unit includes metal gears and a hassle-free assembly process. No involved set up steps are required and all that is needed is a simple knob twist to adjust the chain. Just get it out of the box and start working. I’m sure you do not have any time to waste and neither do I! The combination of longevity and user convenience offered by the UC3530A is not easy to find in other models. No wonder it is a VERY popular tool – its widespread use is a mark of its quality.

“BUT…it’s not a gas powered chainsaw! How can I take it seriously??”

Well, i’ve got news for you buddy: We’re living in the 21st century!
Gas powered chainsaws are often the preferred tool of seasoned users – until they get their hands on this electric alternative. I’m not kidding here! The UC3530A can hold its own, even among its gas powered peers.


Moreover, the unit never fails to start and offers a powerful cutting surface that completes demanding tasks in a relatively short amount of time. Of course, difficulty and time required will vary from one job to the next, but this chainsaw is one that is up to the challenge. Sure, it doesn’t come with the regular smell of exhausted fuel – but are you really going to miss that? If so, go back to your old stinky ways, but if you are a man of the future – keep on reading!

The soft start function is another feather in the UC3530A’s cap. This feature lets the saw glide through startup without the unpleasant kick back that is often felt using other power tools. Well, that kickback isn’t only unpleasant, it is downright dangerous.

My Opinion: I know guys who constantly downplay the dangers of kickback, even joke about it. If you are someone who just escaped being in a wheelchair, crippled because of chainsaw kickback, you might thhink otherwise. You only live once. ONCE! So why chance it?

Furthermore, there’s no high pitched whine, which is sure to make the neighbors happy and no extra tools are needed to perform regular maintenance which will make YOU happy! Focus your time on the essential tasks at hand and let someone else handle the bullshit.
Many consumers found that the Makita UC3530A was well worth the price. Some went through three to five cheap chainsaws (totally insane if you ask me!) in a short amount of time and wasted more than the total cost of this model. The unit proves itself to be a strong chainsaw and durable power tool that can survive many years of regular use without failing. Can you imagine the kind of money you’ll be saving just by buying the RIGHT product at first try?

Makita UC3530A Chainsaw – Disadvantages?

The UC3530A is, for the most part, a great chainsaw. The unit has earned tremendous amounts of praise from consumers with very few complaints. Those who are looking into this model should still be aware of the potential flaws which could hinder its use later. Although it wasn’t noted as an actual problem, some pointed out that a thin tightening pin made of plastic is used which could wear down or snap. A metal version would have been more appropriate for a power tool that bills itself as “commercial grade.” So far the plastic part has not caused any notable problems.

Ryan speaks: You know, people love to complain and you’ll know that you have an amazing product at hand once they complain about totally ridiciolous stuff such as a tightening pin made of plastic which could wear down…well, in theory. What a load of Bullshit, seriously!

Others complained that no replacement chains are included in the purchase and the chain needed for this model is hard to find in some areas. Consumers should consider talking to their local home improvement supply store or power tool dealer to make sure the right chain model is sold or to discuss special order options if it is not currently available. Alright, this might be a problem if you’re living in the stoneage: Online retailers offer a greater selection and you can get virtually anything online.

Chain oil has also been an issue for some users. This is a rare occurrence, but has caused some consumers to return the chainsaw. Makita customer service could offer no solution other than product replacement. Consumers should assemble and try out their new saw once it is home to make sure that this infrequent problem doesn’t exist in their unit. All in all, quality control is very good, so this isn’t a real problem either.

Should You Add the UC3530A to Your Toolbox?

The Makita UC3530A is a high quality power tool that offers significant cutting strength and durability. Many consumers were thoroughly impressed with the chainsaw’s longevity, which can far outlast many other models. The blade is capable of living up to gas powered expectations. A few minor issues were reported but these were few and far between. The unit is a little heavier than other lightweight models but still compact enough for most adults to be able to manage. Makita has equipped its chainsaw with an attractive feature’s list and a design that can handle almost any household cutting task.

What does that mean? Well, what do you think!

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