A laser distance measurer for increased efficiency

What is a laser distance measurer? A laser measurer or meter is a handheld machine that is used to measure the distance between two walls, two buildings or other objects. A laser measurer covers a long distance and makes it a lot less complicated to find out what the exact distance is between two objects. Usually it is only a little bigger than a handheld calculator and is easy to carry around. These measurers are often used by professional builders and have recently become more available to those working on building projects in the home.

A laser distance measurement gives you an exact direct measurement of the space between the machine and the item or object that you are pointing at. There are measurers available for specific triangular measurement calculations, so make sure to choose the right device for your project or situation when you buy one.

How do you use a one? Laser distance measurers are uncomplicated devices that are easy to use. By holding the measurer and aiming the laser beam (a red dot) at a wall or an object, the device measures the exact distance between the machine and the red dot on the object. It does not matter at what height you point the laser beam, but as a rule you would aim the beam in the way that you would use a normal tape measure between walls. Taking measurements with a laser distance measurer saves time and gives you a very exact measurement with a minimum of effort.

What is a range finder?

A range finder is a type that is used in situations where a large (often outdoor) area has to be measured. You would for example use a range finder to take measurements of an outdoor area such as a field or a woodland area. Range finding devices use the so-called ‘ flight method’ to calculate the exact distance between two points and are not meant for indoor DIY project measurements.

Some that you can buy in the store are devices that use ultrasonic waves to calculate a distance. This means that the measurer shows a red dot (a laser line) on the object that you are measuring to, but the device takes the actual measurement by emitting a sound wave. The sound travels to the object and back to the device and based on the times this takes, the device calculates the exact distance. The problem with these devices is that it cannot be guaranteed that the exact measurements are taken between the device and the object that the device was pointing at. This problem occurs mainly in furnished rooms. The sonic laser measurer is not meant to be used outdoors. This device will work in spaces where no objects can reflect back and cause faulty measurement readings.


There are many benefits of using a digital tape measure. The most obvious benefit of using a laser distance measurer instead of a tape measure is time. Switching on the device and pointing it at an object takes much less time than holding out a tape measure along the objects included in the distance calculation. If you need a quick and very exact measurement, it is just what you need. Often measurements done with a tape measure are not accurate. The tape measure can sag at some point and if the tape is not long enough, different measurements have to be taken and added up, often resulting in incorrect measurements. A laser distance measurer can only measure in an exact straight line!

A measurement with a tape measure often has to be done by two people to make sure that you get an exact reading. A laser measurer makes it possible to do this alone. The distance measured is read from the clear display on the measuring device, and you can choose the measurement units that you want to read. This makes it possible to take measurements without having to convert them yourself afterwards, which may lead to incorrect measurement calculations.

Laser distance measurers are easy to use. With a laser measurer it is easy to take measurements of high objects such as a ceiling. All you have to do is place the device on the floor and let it do its job by pointing the beam at the ceiling. Some have the added option of sending measurements directly to your computer, using Bluetooth. There is a wide range of computer software available, making it possible to import the measurements and include those in any projects that you are planning on a computer.

There are several situations in which you should use a laser distance measurer. If you need to calculate the amount of flooring that you need for a space, or the amount of paint that you will have to buy for a room, it will give you the exact measurements. Real estate agents, builders, carpenters, and movers usually work with these measurers to save time. In any situation where you would usually grab a tape measure, the laser distance measurer gives you an exact reading within seconds. It can be trusted.

Conclusion: Why buy one?

A distance measurer is of great benefit to anyone who needs an exact measurement of a space or object. Buying the wrong amount of flooring, ceiling panels or building necessities can be a very costly thing to do. By figuring out exactly what you need for which space you can save a lot of time and trouble, as it will always give you a correct reading. In some cases a slight difference in a measurement may not matter to you, but if you are adding walls to a unit, or if you are calculating window sizes for example, using the wrong sizes can cause huge problems and may affect your entire project. Get it right from the start and leave the measurements up to a laser distance measurer. This will save you time. It will save you money. It will save you from unnecessary headaches. The choice is truly obvious.