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ryan-wilford-shop2In our day and age, most people are consumers. This saddens me.

Why? Because Do-it-yourself is not just a way to save money. It is empowering! A lot of people believe that they aren’t handymen, that they can’t do small repairs around the house. That they can’t remodel their homes & make their dreams come true. I’m, 100% sure, that this isn’t true! Fortunatly. I encourage you to embrace DIY as a way of life, a way of thinking.

As a long time woodworker i’ve always been interested in shaping the world around me. I don’t accept to live in a world without personal responsibility. What i do, i do right. What about you? Are you ready to take matters into your own hands? Are you prepared to put in the hard work, to manifest your dreams?


Yours truly,

About Mastery & Excellence

One of Toolerant’s Mission is to help you find the best powertools to take your work to the next level. We all know, that Mastery is founded in your uncompromised desire to yield.

But without the right tools, all your efforts are in vein. As a woodworker, i mostly review “tools of the trade” – saws, sanders & basically everything you can find in a proper wood shop. Since I also do occasional construction work (mostly restorations) I also know my way around various speciality tools. For instance, i own a collection of laser tape measures. That’s just who i am. At the right, you can find a selection of my most liked and helpful reviews.