Hitachi NP35A Gauge Micro Pin Nailer Review

The Hitachi NP35A Gauge Micro Pin Nailer is a versatile micro pinner that is perfect for cabinetry, furniture, carpentry or a range of other home improvement applications. In case you’re unsure precisely what a micro pinner is, it is essentially a tool that is well suited to letting you attach small 23-gauge headless pins into light, delicate materials. It works well on baseboards, crown molding, chair rails and more – whereas something more powerful or a bigger nail might look unsightly or cause damage.

Why not use a hammer you cry! Well, you can of course use a hammer and if you’re going to very gently tap away, then you can usually do this without any risk of causing damage. But with a micro pinner, you’ll get the same job done much quicker (often these applications require a lot of nails to be added) and you’ll reduce the likelihood of causing damage to the material. That’s because a micropinner will insert the nail in a single, short, sharp burst of pneumatic pressure which will come from a separate air compressor. If you find yourself doing this a lot, then this can improve your end products, save you time and make your woodwork that much more enjoyable. It can also be useful for holding things together during glue ups and has various other applications too.

With all that said, let’s take a closer look at the Hitachi NP35A Gauge Micro Pin Nailer and see if it is a good fit.

Product Description: Quality, Durable Product With Useful Design Features

In short, the Hitachi NP35A Gauge Micro Pin Nailer knocks it out the park and should offer everything you need it to. The Hitachi NP35A Gauge Micro Pin Nailer is a well put together micro pinner/23 gauge micro pinner. It looks good quality, feels very durable but is also light and comfortable to use over long periods.

There are many useful design features as mentioned and in short, it has everything you could ask for. That includes a soft nose tip to ensure you don’t mark your softer material. This is especially important for a pinner, seeing as you will be working with soft woods! It’s quiet too and pleasant to use with no powerful jolt and the low pin indicator is easy to see. The minimum specified pin length is 5/8” but actually while we were testing it, we found that it worked just fine with 3/8” pins too – so it overdelivers in that regard!

Pros and Cons: Affordable But Reliable

There are few cons worth noting here. The only thing is that it isn’t as big a brand as some of the competition and this can be off-putting for some people. It is made in Taiwan and it seems that the company didn’t invest in an English writer.

But the good news is that Hitachi hasn’t cut corners where it matters. The product feels surprisingly high quality and as mentioned, it is very good to use. Most importantly is that during our review period, we didn’t have any jams or misfires.

Other than that, the pros include the easy access to the magazines which slide in and out very nicely, the automatic adjustment to different pin sizes and of couse the price.

Conclusion: Quality Where it Matters

The Hitachi NP35A Gauge Micro Pin Nailer is not the most expensive nailer but there’s no reason to buy the most expensive nailer when it comes to pinners. You don’t need that much power and there’s ample here on offer. Operation is smooth and reliable and the tool is light and pleasant to use.

When buying cheaper products, it can sometimes be worrying as you wonder if the company has cut corners resulting in inferior performance. The good news is that any corners cut here are not essential and this tool works well at the lower price point and is a handy thing to have around.

In short, we can recommend the Hitachi NP35A Gauge Micro Pin Nailer – buy with confidence! And if you’re on the fence about whether or not to get a pinner, just wait until the next time you have to hammer in hundreds of tiny pins and then ask yourself how much more quickly you could have finished that job…