Wed, 22 Mar 2017 09:11:01 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Black & Decker BDEJS600C Jig Saw Review: Inexpensive or just CHEAP?! Wed, 22 Mar 2017 09:11:01 +0000 A jigsaw is a tool that you will find nearly no end of uses for. Like all the best tools in your workshop, this is something that you will want to reach for on many occasions for both precise and careful work, as well as more ‘rough and ready’ work that involves just slicing ends off or making little changes.

What’s amazing about the jigsaw really, is just what a huge difference a small design change makes. This is essentially a reciprocating saw but with a nice flat shoe added on the end. What that means, is that you can then lean against the surface that you’re cutting, thereby stabilizing the tool and giving yourself hugely more control and precision while you’re working.

This then means that you can use a jigsaw for a vast range of tasks, including plunging holes, cutting intricate shapes (jigsawing) and even doing fancy things like bevelling if your tool comes with the feature.

This is a tool that everyone should have in their workshop, but how does the BLACK+DECKER BDEJS600C stack up?

Too basic?

This is a nice and round looking jigsaw. That might be a strange description but as soon as you see it, you’ll understand. The handle protrudes from the top in an arch, with a trigger nicely located toward the front. You then have the show along the bottom and a few additional controls in various other points. It’s a nice looking tool all things considered and while it doesn’t look premium, it certainly looks nicely put together and appealing to look at and use. Looks-wise then, this tool is off to a good start! It feels sturdy too, like it won’t fall apart if you drop it and it is very comfortable to hold, all good things!

When you dive in a little deeper, you’ll find that this tool goes a little beyond the bare minimum and actually offers a fair amount of features and options for something so affordable. Power and speed wise, you have a 5 amp motor here, which can generate up to 3,000SPM of cutting power. That’s pretty middle of the road but what’s more impressive is all the additional features thrown in. These include orbital settings (called ‘curve control’ here) to help you rip through tougher materials when you need to, the option to make bevel cuts with actually quite a few angles to adjust to and speed settings too.

All that means you’re getting pretty much everything you could want from your jigsaw, despite it all being somewhat basic. In our review period, we tried using just this jigsaw for a while and what we found, was that it was perfectly adequate and actually was up to most of what we could throw at it.

Of course if you want more serious power, then you’ll want something a bit more expensive but otherwise, this has got a lot going for it!

What are the Pros? What are the Cons?

The most impressive features regarding this jigsaw are definitely the things it didn’t have to do. Power is middling and that’s to be expected but getting the orbital settings, bevel option and even speed adjustment is all very nice and means that you can perform most jobs with just this one, relatively affordable tool.

On the downside though, this is a corded device and that means you’re going to be stuck in one place while working – somewhere near a power outlet. This won’t be an issue for most people who work in a home workshop, however it does means the cord can get in the way while you’re trying to work. If there’s one reason to upgrade from this at a later date, that would be it.


All things considered, this is one of the most versatile, powerful and well-made jigsaws you’re likely to get for this money. It’s not the most powerful tool in the world, not the most premium in terms of build quality… but if you’re looking for something that will handle any job you throw at it, that will give you all the more interesting and useful features that you would get with a more expensive model and that will be reliable; this is it!

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Ryobi P514 Review: The best budget reciprocating saw? Wed, 22 Mar 2017 08:52:03 +0000 A reciprocating saw is one of those tools that isn’t particularly precise or glamorous but that you will find yourself using on countless occasions nonetheless. This is pretty much as straightforward as it gets: essentially amounting to a trigger with a saw attached to the end. It doesn’t have any fine angle adjustments, you won’t be using it to create decorative flourishes and it probably isn’t going to be your tool of choice for any job that requires a lot of precision.

This is the tool for pretty much… everything else.

Whether you need to saw the end off a pipe, cut off a tree branch, sheer off a piece of wood that’s jutting out of your fence or perform any other task that requires force and speed over finesse… that’s when you’ll reach for your recip saw.

And that makes it actually incredibly useful – particularly for anyone who does a lot of DIY or work around the house and definitely on job sites.

The best part? A recip saw doesn’t have to be an expensive tool and you can actually get something pretty capable for a small price. In this post, we’ll be looking at the Ryobi P514 which we reviewed over the course of a few days and which we have now had a chance to form some concrete opinions on.

Product Description

The Ryobi P514 is a reciprocating saw that is a little larger than some similar models in the same price range. In fact, you may find yourself wanting to hold this one with two hands rather than one hand, which is something you may not be used to depending on how you normally work. This does mean that it loses a little of the versatility that you might be expecting but it makes up for it with some decent power – at 0-3,100 strokes per minute, you should have no difficulty cutting through a wide variety of different materials.

There is some information missing from the manufacturer’s listing. For example, we can’t find mention of the cutting length, which will impact on what it is capable of cutting and how it will handle various different types of material. All we can say is that while we were reviewing the product, it seemed to handle most materials well and even some sheet metals – so it’s probably fairly average in this regard.

What this saw does mention and what is a big plus point, is the fact that it has an adjustable speed setting. That means you can change the speed to better suite any given material and this is something that we always look for in our recip saws. It’s not always present at this price point though, so that’s a good thing.

Other than that, you have the usual tool-less blade removal clamp, which is great for quickly swapping out the blade depending on the work you’re doing, you have a nice and ergonomically designed handle with overmolded rubber and you have a rear handle for stabilizing with the second hand which is useful. It also has an electric brake, which is a nice safety feature we always like to see.

Pros and Cons

This is a budget reciprocating saw and in that sense, it really is rather by-the-numbers. This isn’t going to set your world alight! That said though, it’s still a very good saw on the whole and we really like the adjustable speed setting, the rear handle and the basic functions.

That’s probably where you’re interest in this recip saw will hinge. If you’re looking for something a little more potent than your usual ‘cheapy’ saw and are willing to occasionally grab the back with an extra hand, then this might just be a good choice for you.


On the whole, this is a great reciprocating saw that does everything a reciprocating saw should. It’s not especially pretty, doesn’t really have any exciting extra features but certainly does have it where it counts. It’s a good choice for a range of household tasks and a saw that we feel happy recommending to DIYers and those who enjoy a little home improvement. You’ll be reaching for it often and it’s not going to let you down!

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Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw Review: A High Quality Tool? Wed, 22 Mar 2017 04:57:01 +0000 A band saw is a tool that offers a high level of power and precision, all in a single fixed position that’s ready to go to work whenever you need it to. This is a considerable upgrade for any hobbyist workshop and opens up a wealth of new possibilities for what you can create. This is a tool that stands for precision and power and that will take up a permanent spot in your workshop thanks to its size and the fact that it has its own table for resting the materials you’re working with on.

In short, a band saw is a considerable upgrade for most people and one that you should definitely consider adding to your repertoire if you want to start creating things with a little more precision and finesse. Whether you’re looking to cut detailed patterns into your wood, whether you want to make beautiful bezel cuts, or whether you just need to make some curved lines – the bandsaw is your friend.

But does the Rikon 10-305 hold up in practice? Is this bandsaw enough for your requirements? Read on and let’s find out…

Looks fairly standard but…

To look at, the Rikon 10-305 is a fairly standard bandsaw. It is big, flat and oblong and colored in dark blue. It’s definitely not fancy in any way but it looks and feels well made and you’ll be confident when you need to place pressure on it.

More importantly, unlike some other – less expensive – bandsaws, the Rikon 10-305 does not shake and vibrate violently when you’re using it. This is a big pro as that can otherwise be quite an unsettling feeling – you are working with a very sharp saw going very fast after all! This is thanks to the body being made from steel, which is definitely an upgrade over the plastic that you’ll find in many competing products.

The quality is also felt and welcome in the cast iron table that you’ll be working on. It’s a nice and large table too at 13-3/4” x 12-1/2”. Cast iron tables are common in bigger units but it’s rare to find it in something this small and light.

It also does okay in terms of power – the 1/3HP motor is a step up from several others and this allows for some serious work power when you need it. You also get the usual fence for making nice and straight cuts and micro adjustable guide post for raising and lowering the guide post.

There are a few things that are notable in their absence here though. For one, there is no option to tilt the table, thus meaning no bevel cuts and there’s no miter gauge either. We also though it was a shame that there was only one speed setting, as some cheaper units do offer adjustable speed.

Finally, it would have been nice to see a laser. This is something that a lot of tools are missing but it would still be nice to see as it does help you to cut with confidence knowing that things are lined up nicely.

The Good & the Bad

The general idea behind this saw is to offer the kind of quality you normally get with larger saws but for less expense and without taking up so much space. And to be fair, that’s pretty much exactly what you’re getting here. The power is pretty good but what’s more impressive is the sheer build quality. The cast iron table, the steel chassis and the overall feel of this tool is beyond what you might normally expect at the size.

But you are also going to miss out on a few features at the same time. No bevel cuts, no laser and reportedly the saw that comes with the package is also not great. Oh and you’ll need to buy your own stand if you want one…


Overall then, this truly is a high quality saw for the price and size. It doesn’t have every bell and whistle attached but that is perfectly fair considering what you’re paying and how compact the unit is. For most purposes, this is more than good enough and it’s nice to use something that feels premium too! Click here to find out what bandsaw i think is best.

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PORTER CABLE PC600JS: The best Orbital Jigsaw for Beginners? Wed, 22 Mar 2017 04:33:00 +0000 Knowing where to start with all the tools is actually one of the hardest parts of getting started with woodwork or DIY. There’s just such a wide range of different tools to learn and to get to grips with and then there are all the different settings and features that they all boast. Which tools do you start with? Do you get a router? A miter saw? A jigsaw? Or do you just start out with some basic hand tools to begin with? And which features do you need? Do you need to spend a lot of money for your jigsaw to be worthwhile? Do you need orbital settings? Bevel settings? Should you go for corded or cordless? How much power do you need?

These are tough questions but the answer will ultimately come down to the kind of work you’re going to do and how you feel comfortable working. Suffice to say that tools like a jigsaw can be incredible useful but you don’t need to break the bank.

In fact, a jigsaw is a particularly good choice because it can perform the role of many other tools – making angled cuts or bevel cuts like a miter saw and plunge cuts like a router. And as you will see with the PORTER-CABLE PC600JS, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on one of these to get some decent performance – especially as a beginner.
You’ll upgrade in time but read our review for now to see why we think most beginners should be very happy with the PORTER-CABLE PC600JS.

Small, yet Powerful

The PORTER-CABLE PC600JS is a relatively small jigsaw that is powered by a cord. That means it needs to be plugged in, so you can’t work away from your power outlet and so you are going to need to make sure you think about where that cord is draped as you work. But what you get in exchange for having it plugged in is a little more power without spending a fortune. This is a 6 amp tool for the price of something much less powerful and it is capable of producing up to 3,200 SPM. That’s quite a lot of power and certainly enough for most beginners.

The tool also does not scrimp when it comes to the basic features you’ll be looking for. This is an orbital jigsaw and that means it has orbital settings (no duh!). That means the saw will use a more elliptical motion to really tear through tougher woods. Likewise, you also have variable speed settings, which means that you can change between very fast operation and slower operation with no loss in power. The latter is useful for cutting through metals in particular.

Blade exchange is keyless, meaning you can easily swap it out for another one, while the handle is very ergonomic and pleasant to grip onto even for longer jobs.

The tool looks nice too. It’s pretty basic in grey and lighter grey but it is small while still being chunky and well but together. It feels solid and you won’t be worried that it’s going to break or come apart. Vibration is kept nicely minimal too.

Pros and Cons

Those are the pros and it’s hard to really criticize the tool in any big ways in terms of doing what it sets out to do. It’s well made, it has all the basic features and it’s affordable. Materials are a little cheap in places but again, that’s what you expect for the price.

The cons then simply revolve around what is missing and it will be a personal decision as to whether this is a problem for you. Most notably, there is no option for bevel cuts here. For those that don’t know, bevel cuts mean that you can change the angle of the blade slightly in order to cut edges at a slight angle. This creates a bevel finish which is a nice way to elevate the appearance of your work and to give it a less boxy appearance. It’s something you likely won’t be worrying about until you’re a little more advanced though, so this might not be an issue for beginners.


To conclude then, this is a great budget tool and any beginner unsure of where to start out would do well to consider the PORTER-CABLE PC600JS!

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Porter Cable PCC650B Review: A good no-frills Jigsaw? Wed, 22 Mar 2017 04:23:46 +0000 The PORTER CABLE PCC650B is a mid-range jigsaw that is offers a decent amount of features for its price. It looks good, it does a lot of tricks and it’s very affordable. But is it the jigsaw you’re looking for?
Of course when reading any review of a tool, it’s always important to consider it in the context of what it is that you like and the way you work. Everyone is different and your approach to woodwork is likely to be different from mine, or from a friends. Most importantly, you need to think about the types of materials that you’re going to be working with. If you tend to cut through sheet metal, then you need saws that have adjustable speed settings and long cutting lengths. For thicker would, you just need more power.

But if you only ever cut through thin bits of wood and you’re mainly working as a hobby, then you won’t need to spend a lot of cash on power or speed and you can save some money that way. Likewise, you might decide that lightness, versatility and battery life are things that are more important to you. Again, that means compromising on power most likely but that’s not an issue for a lot of people.

Keep all this in mind and consider the PORTER CABLE PCC650B. Does it suit your needs?

Lightweight & Good Looking – What else?

The PORTER CABLE PCC650B is a nice looking jigsaw that has a powerful-looking body. It’s all dark and light grey with a few red highlights and has lots of detailing. All this combines to make it look a bit like a Transformer toy, which is going to appeal to some people.

It’s also relatively small and light, with a nice grippy handle along the top and an easy-to-reach trigger. We found the design to be pleasant to use on the whole and this helped during long jobs.

What’s more important than the look of a tool though, is the way it works. And this is where things get a bit more ‘run of the mill’. Here, you’re looking at a jigsaw that goes up to 2,500SPM, which isn’t anything to write home about. Of course, a cordless tool like this does represent some loss of power in the majority of cases though. And what’s more, is that it’s not so much about the power, as what you can do with it. And this tool manages to put its power to good use in a number of ways.

Firstly, the PORTER CABLE PCC650B impresses with its three orbital settings. This essentially means the blade can be set to move in a slightly more elliptical manner, which makes it more effective at cutting through tougher woods. It also has a variable speed trigger, which means you can change the power on the fly – handy for working with different materials (although it’s a little too easy to apply more power than necessary).You also get a few extra features and design elements that are very welcome. These include a tool-free blade release, which is something to always be on the look out for (it just makes it much quicker to swap your blades while working) and there’s also a dust blower to keep your work surface clear.

Pros and Cons

This tool is a great choice for anyone who wants something fairly basic that they can use for a range of jobs at home. It’s not terribly exciting: it doesn’t do anything out of the ordinary and power is middling. But it’s also great to use, light and portable. It’s affordable too and in short, good value for money.

The biggest criticism is that it would be nice to be able to lock the speed setting so that it’s not constantly on analog control. It’s just a little too easy to squeeze the trigger harder than intended and then speed up. But that’s more of an issue for fine craftsmanship.


Overall, this is a great jigsaw for the price. This obviously isn’t for professional woodworkers but then it makes no claim to be. For hobbyists and those looking for something with a few additional features, the PORTER CABLE PCC650B has pretty much everything you’re looking for.

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Grizzly G0513ANV Review: A Factory Grade Powerhouse? Sun, 26 Feb 2017 08:22:13 +0000 The Grizzly G0513ANV is a bandsaw that takes up a lot of space, delivers a lot of power and that can generally up your game when it comes to cutting things.As woodworkers, we love cutting things, and so any tool that promises to cut things faster, more effectively or more deeply is always going to be a winner. The Grizzly GO513AN is just such a tool, offering the kind of power and performance that you would demand as a professional working in full time production.

Unfortunately, the price also reflects that somewhat – at $925 this is pretty cutting too! Even for a professional, that’s a serious investment and when you’re spending that amount of cash it’s highly important that you ensure you’re getting a tool that is up to task.

In this review, we’ll be assessing the Grizzly GO513ANV to see if that is the case…

A Heavenly Tool for Experts

The Grizzly GO513ANV is a hefty looking piece of equipment but is also clearly well made with great production values. Right away, you will feel as though you are getting your money’s worth at least in terms of the size and weight of the thing. That weight is pretty good for keeping the unit stable too while you’re working, so you don’t need to worry about it rocking and wobbling around like some other bandsaws are prone to doing. The colorscheme is black and orange which looks nice enough and should blend into most workshops nicely.

There’s a big stable surface for working on here, which should help to make your work considerably easier and give you the easy ability to move pieces around underneath. It’s made from cast iron, so there’s no flimsy plastic to be found. This feels very solid too so you won’t feel considered leaning your weight on it. The blade is also impressive at 17-inch, allowing you to cut nice and deep through very thick woods. With 12 foot cutting capacity and a 16-1/4 inch throat, this will make mincemeat out of most jobs that you task it with.

And on that front, of course it is the 2HP motor that is the real star of the show. This will power through wood and a lot of other materials and in our review period with the tool we found that extra power to be really rather impressive and very useful indeed. The tool has an ISO 9001 factory designation, so you know it can perform.
It’s not all about power though! Fortunately, the Grizzly GO513ANV also delivers in several other regards and has a lot of extra features. There’s the deluxe fence for guiding straight cuts for instance, the micro-adjusting geared table for getting everything aligned just perfectly and the miter gauge. All this makes it very easy to set up the tool just as you want it and to make precise cuts.

There are also two dust ports as well as an easy quick-change mechanism for the blade. You get two blade speeds (1700 and 35000) and a fair bit more as well. In short, this comes with the full roster of features.

Pros and Cons

While this might seem like a lot of money if you aren’t used to buying factory grade equipment, it’s actually very good value for what you’re getting. This is an incredibly powerful, versatile and feature-rich tool and one that will be capable of handling pretty much any task you can dream up.Of course nothing is perfect. While there aren’t too many complaints here, the included saw could have been a little bit better. Likewise, you might need to make some of your own readjustments to get it to perform optimally out the box.


In conclusion, the Grizzly GO513ANV is one of the best value propositions out there if you are looking for a factory-grade bandsaw. It has all the power, functionality and performance that you could expect for the price, it’s very well made, very solid and all-in-all just a fantastic product that won’t see you wrong!

So what do you think about the Grizzly GO513ANV? Will you be adding it to your own arsenal? Let us know in the comments below!

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Grizzly G0555LX Bandsaw Review: Cheap & Good ? Sun, 26 Feb 2017 08:14:45 +0000 A good bandsaw can make all the difference to any workshop by giving you the means to make precise cuts through a wide range of materials and to the extent that you are able to cut precise shapes and even intricate patterns. Bandsaws are also particularly easy to use as they have their own base and their own plate for working on. This means you can simply take your piece of material over to them and start cutting; there’s no need to clear space where you’re working or to struggle trying to manually saw without knocking things over with your elbow.

Adding a bandsaw to your repertoire is definitely a good call if you are a DIYer or woodworker then, but the question is how you go about choosing the right one. There are a lot of different options here and they can range quite drastically in terms of their power and their versatility. Some will take up a good half of your workshop and have their own stand. Others are small and can be added to any existing table top. Knowing the kind you need and getting the right one is key if you want to avoid wasting money while ensuring that you are able to tackle every task that you need to.

Read on to find out if the Grizzly G0555LX is the bandsaw you’re looking for.

All about the cutting Depth…

The Grizzly G0555LX uses a cast iron frame with a precision ground cast iron table. That should tell you right away that this is a powerful tool with some serious build quality going on. Cast iron tables make a big difference over plastic alternatives, as they allow you to put some real pressure on the table without worrying about it bending, warping or wobbling. Likewise, the weight of the bandsaw itself is also ideal for putting some pressure on and still feeling like the thing is stable enough to allow for perfect precision. This is a big machine too, with a floor to table height of 43”.

The saw itself is 14 inch, which gives some great cutting depth. The maximum cutting height is 6”, while the throat is 13-1/2”.

The Grizzly G0555LX is CSA C22 certified, so you know you’re getting a good quality product that could potentially be used in a professional setting. Of course, for the relatively low price though, you know that you’re not going to get the very highest power. This is a 1HP motor, which is certainly better than a lot of hobby-grade bandsaws but at the very lower end of what you might consider using professionally. It’s still a good value proposition in terms of pure power-to-cost ratio though and for that reason alone it is worthy of praise. It has two speed settings, which are 1800 and 3100 RPM.

Numbers can only tell you so much, but we can report happily that this is a great tool to use that really glides through most things you throw at it. It feels sturdy and stable and for the money, you really couldn’t ask for more.

Pros and Cons

The advantages of this device largely revolve around its relatively low price compared with the power that you are getting. This is a great performer and it will impress time after time. It is heavy, weighty and powerful and comes with all the extra features you’d expect like the dust port, fence and miter gauge.

The only drawback for some will be that this is a 1HP and not a 2HP. It’s perfectly understandable for the price but the question you might ask is whether it’s spending just a little bit more in order to get something that does offer that slight upgrade in power.

The other thing to be aware of is that it does not come with the stand, despite it being shown in many of the pictures.


All in all, this is a fantastic bandsaw that really delivers in terms of the power, the build quality and the weighty construction. It has plenty of features and in short, does everything that you could hope it to for a relatively low price. This will be more than enough for hobbyists and ample for most professionals too!

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Delta 28-400 Band Saw Review: Does it have all the features you need? Sun, 26 Feb 2017 07:59:58 +0000 The Delta 28-400 is a bandsaw that takes up a lot of space and that can handle professional tasks for any advanced hobbyist or small professional service. Bandsaws are tools that hold a saw taut between two large wheels and drive it with a powerful motor. This then allows you to move a piece of wood (or sheet metal in some cases) around underneath in order to make straight cuts – or even shaped or patterned cuts.

This is one of the easiest ways to cut through wood and the fact that most bandsaws come with their own, large table for resting the material on only makes life easier for you. This is a brilliant addition to any workshop for all those reasons. Let’s take a look at whether the Delta 28-400 is the right choice for your own workflow…

A heavy Duter Miracle Worker or a complete dud ?

This is a large machine that comes with a heavy duty steel frame and an aluminium trunnion table support. It is made in an industrial looking silver/grey and has the kind of heft and sturdiness that we like to see from more expensive tools. Of course, this does have quite a large footprint, so if you’re going to be slipping it into your home office then it may pay to take some measurements first to make certain that it is going to fit in nicely!

Size wise this also has some benefits. It’s very heavy, which ensures that it’s not going to wobble and rock while you use it. That cast iron table also benefits from being ‘oversized’ at 15 ¾ inch by 18 7/8 inch. This gives you plenty of room for moving things around and getting the right angle and it’s a very welcome inclusion. That table also tilts up to 45 degrees, meaning you can use it to make bevelled cuts. And to further mimic the benefits of a compound miter saw you also get a positive stop so that you can quickly find the right angle.

What really matters though is the way that a bandsaw cuts and this gives you plenty of power thanks to its 14inch saw and its 1HP motor. That’s enough to cut through thick wood with ease, as well as non-ferrous metals. There’s a two-speed pulley, which is an important feature on any bandsaw if you intend on cutting through metal (faster saws do not work with sheet metal). Of course 1HP isn’t quite as powerful as 2HP and for some people that’s going to be a downside. But it is still plenty powerful and will be more than most hobbyists need and enough for a lot of professionals too.

Pros and Cons

The advantages of the Delta 28-400 revolve around its stable construction, it’s good cost-to-power ratio and the fact that it’s a 1HP motor driving a 14” saw – which is more than enough for the vast majority of tasks. This is a large, powerful machine that is going to give you a lot of scope when it comes to cutting through things.

In terms of the build quality though, the blade does rattle a little which is slightly disappointing when everything else is so strong and durable feeling. Likewise, it’s a bit of a shame that it doesn’t come with a fence. You can fit this yourself of course, but it’s something that you would get with a lot of other devices included. And speaking of value, it is also not quite as affordable as some other 14” bandsaws with 1HP.

As long as these issues aren’t deal breakers for you though, then you’re going to find that this is a well-made and very capable bandsaw and one that makes a big difference to your cutting capabilities.


Overall, this is a good choice for anyone that is looking for a bandsaw capable of handling all but the very most challenging cuts. It’s obviously less powerful than a 2HP with a 17” blade but it’s going to be more than enough for most people and certainly for hobbyists. It’s good value for money even if it lacks a couple of features.
So, what do you think? Will you be picking up the Delta 28-400? Let us know in the comments below or feel free to check our many other reviews for more bandsaw options!

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Read this Review to find out why the WEN 3975 is a unique band saw ! Sat, 25 Feb 2017 10:24:58 +0000 There are several tools that every woodworker or DIYer should have in their collection. Most will want a router for instance, you’ll probably have a jigsaw and you’ll likely find that a bandsaw comes in handy occasionally too. But then there are those other tools that perform specific jobs. These are a little more exciting in some ways because they provide you with something unique and they help to make your workshop stand out from the crowd.

The WEN 3975 is just such a novel example of a tool. This is a benchtop bandsaw, meaning that it holds a saw taught between two wheels and that it can be used to make detailed cuts. What is a little different though is that it is aimed at cutting metal and is only 5”. If you’re someone who cuts a lot of metal then, you might well find that this is a useful tool to add to your collection. But is it well made? Who is it for? What are the specifications like? We’ve reviewed the product so that you can decide if it might be right for you…

Product Description

The WEN 3975 doesn’t look a whole lot like a traditional bandsaw. It has a much more horizontal design and looks a bit more like a pivoting orange ring attached to a black metal base. It’s well made though and the orange and black colorscheme (typical of WEN) gives it a nice, professional finish.
The WEN 3975 looks different because it is different. The smaller wheels are useful here because cutting through sheet metal of course requires slower cutting speeds. But the WEN 3975 gives you plenty of option so you can rest assured that you’ll be just fine cutting through woods and other materials as well. Specifically, the WEN 3975 can cut at anything from 125 to 260 feet per minute. That adjustability is very important here, because it gives you the option to tailor the speed for the precise metal that you are going to be cutting.
The pivoting nature of the main body of the unit is also important as it allows for bevelling meaning that you can make a range of angled cuts. This lets you cut anywhere from 0 to 60 degrees. The WEN 3975 can be used to cut pipes up to 5” in diameter or can cut rectangular materials as large as 5 x 4-7/8. That is surprisingly thick for a 5” bandsaw and especially when you consider that this device is so compact for easy storage. Numbers can only tell you so much though. What’s more useful is to know what a device actually feels like to use. And in that regard, we are happy to say that during our review we found it very easy to cut through brass, aluminium, copper, steel and a range of other metals. The light weight and portability is a really nice additional benefit and the 4.5amp motor is more powerful than you probably expect it to.
There’s also a two year warranty and a lot of very positive reviews from other users.

Pros and Cons

There is very little bad to say about this bandsaw. The only downside is that this is not going to replace your tabletop bandsaw or even a regular handheld. Rather, this is a specific tool for a specific job and as long as you are aiming to cut through metal, you are going to find that this is an excellent addition to your repertoire.

The positives then are that this device cuts so easily through metal, that it is so portable and that it is so well-made and comes with the guarantee from WEN. It’s a great addition to your workshop.


To conclude, the WEN 3975 is perfect for anyone who needs to cut through metal regularly. It’s a bit of a niche product but if you happen to need that niche, then you’re going to be very happy with this excellent tool. We can highly recommend this tool and think it will come in handy in many different scenarios.
So, will you be adding this to your own workshop? Let us know in the comments below and feel free to let us know if we missed anything!

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Should i buy the WEN 3962 bandsaw? Read this Review! Sat, 25 Feb 2017 10:02:09 +0000 When reviewing tools, I like to think of them in terms of possibilities. Sometimes a tool is simply there to make life a little bit easier: it helps you to perform jobs more quickly and easily and thereby takes away a little stress and brings some more joy to the act of building furniture and other wooden items. But other times, a tool actually increases the number of things you are capable of doing. Sometimes, a tool will present you with exciting new opportunities and allow you to make stunning items that you never could have made before. Perhaps that means you can make something more intricately decorated, or maybe it means you can work with materials that were otherwise off-limits.
And this is the case with the WEN 3962. This is a bandsaw that gives you a decent amount of power and lets you slice through different materials. It comes with its own stand and takes up a lot of space in your workshop, making it a definite ‘presence’. And when you look at it, you just know you’re going to be able to do all kinds of things that you couldn’t before.
But does it really open a world of possibilities? Or is it disappointingly limited?

Product Description

There is always something nice about getting a tool with its own stand. It makes a big impact to the layout of your workshop and means that you can work with it much more quickly and easily – without having to move all the bits of wood and piles of sawdust out the way first.This is an imposing figure with four legs and a large, powerful looking bandsaw sitting on top. It provides a generous amount of space too, with a 14-1/8 x 12-1/2 inch work table that can bevel to 45 degrees for making bevelled cuts or finding a more comfortable angle. The design is sleek and black and the whole thing has a certain heft that makes it feel good quality as soon as you start using it.This bandsaw takes 72 inch blades and powers them with an impressive 3.5 amp motor. This gives you some real cutting power and is capable of going six inches deep and 9-3/4 inch wide. The two available speeds are 1520 and 2620.

Also in the package are a dust pot, a fence for making straight cuts and a miter gauge.

Pros and Cons

When you read the official description from the manufacturer, the phrase that sticks out is:
“Remember when tools were actually powerful?”
It’s true: you certainly can’t fault this thing in terms of its power and the power-to-cost ratio is very good indeed. If you’ve been looking for something that will make it possible to make precise and detailed cuts through tough materials, then the WEN 3962 might just be the tool you’re looking for.The tool is also well made and the extras are welcome too.On the downside though, this thing can be a real nightmare to adjust. Having read other review, we were ready for this but we still found that it could be very hard to find the perfect angle and making adjustments was tedious. Installing new blades is likewise a fiddle and a struggle.
This is a real shame as the tool is otherwise a fantastic value proposition for someone who yet doesn’t have a bandsaw. The problem is that if you are relatively new to woodwork and DIY, then you are likely to find that this is a bit of a challenge to use and that means we can’t recommend it to absolute beginners. This is a very good bandsaw but only if you’re willing to put in the time and effort.


Overall then, the WEN 3962 is a great bandsaw with spectacular power-to-price ratio. It is well made and has lots of settings and features. The downside is that it can be a fiddle to use and adjust and this can take some of the joy out of using it – not to mention potentially leading to imperfect cuts. If you’re willing to work with it and you’re confident in your ability though, then it is highly recommended.

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