How Faron’s DIY success painted a smile on his cousins face!

My name is Faron and I am a 24-year-old veterinary technician that lives to create. My favorite hobbies are reading, writing, and creating new and interesting things in my life. These do-it-yourself projects are sometimes magnificent failures and other times turn out in an amazing way.

My biggest DIY Success

I really find that my best DIY project had to be the magnetic letter sets that I made for my favorite cousin. She was just learning how to read and being able to manipulate the letters helped her gain a great understanding of phonics and how to spell. She still uses these to this day, though mostly for decoration now. I ended up choosing bright primary colors in smooth patterned cloth and textured, ‘nubby’ felt. I planned on making two full alphabet sets, one out of the cloth and one out of the felt. That way, she could mix and match as much as she desired. At that point, I also needed to purchase matching thread for my sewing machine, strong magnets, and batting to make the letters ‘soft’ and squishy. It was really important that they be able to be manipulated. I also needed to print out some letters on cardstock and cut them out in order to trace them into the fabric.

Getting started…

After I had all of my supplies, I set up my sewing machine with the right color thread for my first set of letters. I traced the shape of the letter onto the cloth of choice and marked it appropriate with chalk. I then lined the letter with the magnet and encased the magnet in batting. Once the magnet was encased appropriately, I then started sewing. I had matched the thread to the cloth that I was choosing, to try to make it blend in as much as possible. Stitching the letters took a lot of time and patience. I had to carefully trace the letter and cut off excess cloth; occasionally, I even had to scrap an entire letter or set of letters because the color I had chosen just didn’t work. However, I did eventually end up with a great alphabet set and a newfound confidence in my ability with a sewing machine and even color choice.

How it influenced my life

I think this do-it-yourself project was such a great success for me because it really turned out exactly how I was hoping. Clara, my cousin, still uses these letters. At the time, she loved manipulating the letters and sounding out words that we spelled out on her magnetic chalkboard. We would often spell out words with these soft letters and she would trace the shapes. Now, Clara is a great reader and really loves picking out a new book with me every week. The project itself helped solidify our relationship. I gave her a great gift and she really took it to heart. I think that’s the real basis for good DIY projects: if it worked out and how did it benefit you or your family? If I keep that in mind, mine turned out great.