The Benefits of Using an Electric Screwdriver

A screwdriver is one of the most basic tools of every home, and it is the tool which is generally used for driving bolts and screws. No home is without this very basic tool. Yet, screwdrivers have gradually evolved from the simple handheld and manually operated screwdrivers into self-rotating and electric-powered screwdrivers. The usual ordinary screwdriver is made of the head and the tip which engages the screw. We grip the screwdriver on one hand and then twist it to drive the screw into hole. This twisting motion is what we usually call the “torque.” With the advent of electric screwdrivers, we are basically freed from the hassle of having to awkwardly twist our hands just to drive the screw deeper into a hole; we now simply have to click on the control button of it, and the screw would naturally burrow itself effortlessly into the hole.

What makes electric screwdrivers so great

Some electric screwdrivers utilize gyroscopic technology which allows it to readily change the speed and direction based upon the movement of your wrist for optimum control. This is basically a great innovation from the common screwdrivers. We often have to belabor ourselves while using a manually operated screwdriver. Moreover, we sometimes accidentally drop the screw, especially, if we are working in tight and difficult-angled location. For this reason, the invention it is a welcome relief, not only to the less virile persons—who could not readily apply a strong twisting pressure on the simple screwdriver—but also to those who always utilize the screwdrivers in difficult and less spacious nooks and crannies. Likewise, these electric screwdrivers have batteries which allow us to use it, even if we are distant from an electrical socket. Additionally, we could use its even if we are outdoors, out in the lawn, or even in the far away places wherein we don’t have ready access to an electrical socket. The rechargeable battery takes the place of electrical socket affording us a ready power source for our electric screwdrivers. These batteries can hold charge for more than eight months. Moreover, these batteries are lithium batteries which are known to last longer.

Another plus factor in using an electric screwdriver lies in its built-in light. It has a built-in light which readily illumines the working area and thus allows us to work better and effectively even in dimly lit corners of the house. Moreover, we could use it while working in dark tight spaces. We are usually hampered in our capacity to twist the screw, especially when angling in tight places using the typically old screwdriver. But with the battery powered screwdriver, we need not necessarily squeeze our hands awkwardly; we just have to hold firmly the handle of the electric screwdrivers and effortlessly push the power button.

With these in hand, you could easily indulge yourself in assembling and disassembling home furniture, in hanging curtains, in decorating your rooms, and in fixing the blinds. Moreover, you could readily use these screw drivers in most household repairs. This means you will no longer sweat yourself out so much in twisting your hand and contorting your body just to angle for the right posture to deliver the right torque. You simply have to push the power button and then and there you are virtually powerful to fix anything.

There are many brands in the market which purportedly sell some efficient and effective electric screwdrivers. However, here are some of the leading manufacturing brands which you can check out. You can make a comparative study of the efficiency and benefits of what they sell. These manufacturers are Craftsman, Bosch, Skil, Dewalt, Hitachi, Milwaukee, Black & Decker, Ridgid, and Makita.

Inside an Electric Screwdriver

The electric screwdriver is a very compact tool because it combines motor, battery, gears, and a switch into a powerful tool. Now, if you are going to disassemble one, you will basically find these different parts inside the electric screwdriver. These are the electric motor, a rechargeable battery, a switch, a dual planetary gear, and a mechanism for locking the chuck.

The switch block has definitely two basic functions in an electric screw driver. First, it makes possible a continuous supply of power to the motor; second, it can also readily stop the supply of power into the motor.  Inside the electric screw driver is a standard DC electric motor. At the furthest end of the motor is found a tiny 6-toothed gear. This gear readily fits into the planetary gear. The gear system is basically the very core of the electric screwdriver. The motor is generally a less potent device; in fact, you could readily stop the motor using a simple axle. However, if you put gears to augment the strength of the motor, then the power of the motor is increased many times.

How to make sure that the bit is in place?

The double ended screwdriver bit should go into the shaft about 1/2 to 5/8 of an inch to make sure that it is properly fitted. When you insert the bit, you should hear a little click inside signaling that the bit is in place. Make sure that the bit is properly placed so that it will not fall out when you use the screwdriver. Here is another direction on how to put the bit properly into a screwdriver. If the bit is usually falling out, it means that the bit is not properly inserted. In this case, you have to use more force in inserting the bit. You have to first put the bit into the driver, and then slowly press the bit against any hard surface, while at the same time pushing the heel of your hand on the other end of the handle. As mentioned earlier, you should hear a slight click that signals that the clip which holds the bit has already expanded and locked in with the bit. This must be done for 2” bits and larger.

The electric screwdriver is indeed a good addition to our checklist of tools. It is basically a good addition and would greatly facilitate our household-fixing works which demand the use a screwdriver.