Dura-Block AF44A Sanding Block Kit

What Are Sanding Blocks Used For?

These Dura-Block sanding blocks can be used for dry or wet sanding. The kit comes with a variety of shapes and sizes to use on multiple surfaces including rounded or flat. They are commonly used for sanding areas on a car during repair.

Typically, these sanding blocks are for auto body repair. They can be used for all types of repairs including flat, curved, or contoured panels.

What Items Come in This Kit?

It is a 6-piece kit consisting of different size block sanders. They are professional grade sanding blocks to make perfectly flat surfaces. You’ll receive a standard block (flat/contoured panels), 1/3 block (flat/slightly curved panels), 2/3 block(flat/slightly curved panels), round block (highly curved surface), two (2) Scruff Blocks (general prep).

Are The Blocks EVA Rubber?

Yes they are; in fact, they have 20 PCF thickness to help with a more rigid blocking power. Don’t forget they can be used for both wet and dry sanding purposes.