Dremel 2000-01 Versa Tip Butane Torch – is it the best ?

dremel-2000-01-versa-tipThose beginning with soldering will find that the Dremel 2000-01 is a great fit for them. It contains an ignition trigger to make startup easy. There’s also a variable temperature control for better accuracy.

What Are Benefits of This Torch?

This Dremel model (2000-01) comes with a 14-piece accessory kit to help with projects in soldering, shrinking, and even wood burning! Some of the added accessories include a soldering tip, a shaping knife, and a protective cap. It’s perfect for those with a specific hobby or craft like electronic model car building or wood burning. This model is focused on precision for your craft.

Is There Anything Else Special to Know?

The torch comes with a two-year warranty and will burn up to 75 minutes. With the variable temperature setting, you’ll certainly get a precise burn from the flame. With the easy startup trigger, you won’t need a separate ignition tool.


For those seeking a great tool for their hobby or niche craft, this Dremel torch will be perfect for you! With the different accessories and added benefits (plus a warranty) you’ll get long life and durability from a great tool. Don’t forget that you can always get attachments and more accessories more conveniently from the Dremel hardware at hardware stores.

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