DIY Novice Blake Turns Backyard Junk into a Pet Safety Gate!

In this Installment of “DIY WINS!” Toolerantist Blake tells us how he turned an old swinging barn style door into a pet safety gate. His testimonial is an account of the insatisfiable spirit in great man to create, to shape and to DO. It’s a big DIY WIN, very creative and a great way to be toolerant. But read for yourself.

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Ryan Wilford

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My name is Blake and I am definitely not a handyman. When it comes to the household, I usually have to hire someone to do even the most basic work or installations. That is what makes my recent accomplishment so fulfilling. When it comes to doing things yourself, well I didn’t even know what the acronym DIY was until recently – enough said.

The Problem

Recently a good friend asked my help with a home installation. She needed something to create a barrier between the two sides of her home, between the living room and the bedroom areas. This was to keep her two dogs separated at times, because they tended to get in fights, if left alone together for too long. She also wanted to create something that she could see them both and interact with them, but not have to leave the living space. Amazingly, I was able to come up with a perfect solution to her problem.

Coming up with a low-budget solution

fighting-dogWe really didn’t have much money to spend on anything, so I went through my backyard junk and found a swinging barn style door. It was the type that is for an outside gate, so it was half the size of a normal doorway and a little wider than the average household archway. I went to my nearest local hardware store to purchase new hinges, some drywall screws, a hinged latch, sandpaper, and some new white paint. I brought these supplies, a cordless drill, and my tool box to my friend’s home that afternoon.

My idea would use the swinging gate at the hallway entrance that separated the living room from the bedroom areas. This would allow my friend to be on either side of the gateway, but still be able to pet each dog from either side. The hardest part of the installation was getting the drywall screws to anchor in place sufficiently, so that the heavy wood gate would swing properly. This took several attempts, but eventually I got it to hang and swing perfectly. The hinged latch on the other side of the gate was much simpler to mount. I had it latching just right in minutes.

I painted the gateway after it was installed. Normally this probably would not be the way to go, but it allowed me to touch up the wall where I put the drywall screws in simultaneously. By the time my friend returned home, you could hardly tell that the gate had not always been there. She loved it and her two dogs could now roam their halves of the house happily. That was a great day for two reasons. First, I learned how to do a simple home installation project, even though I had never tried it before. Secondly, it improved the quality of life for my friend and her pets.

That is the story of my most successful DIY project. I always will be proud of it and is something that my friend has been grateful for my help with ever since.[clear]