DEWALT DWV010 HEPA Dust Extractor – Our honest review

A clean workplace makes the brain work in an organized manner, and the work to flow smoothly. Though some people may disagree (yeah, some creative people like a mess, I hear. Please don’t ask me why) the majority clean as they work and end the day with an almost spotless workshop. Let’s just say we do the best we can to clean up. A spotless workshop speaks volumes about the amount of work that goes on in there (no judgment here though).
When you’re done working and carving things into existence, the last thing you want is to spend hours cleaning up. At the same time, you want your workplace clean. This dust extractor suctions dust off your sawing and leaves the floor and any work surface free of clutter. Is the DEWALT DWV010 HEPA the best? Read this Review!

This machine is ideal for woodworkers who need to clear sawdust off their surfaces and floors. It works best with fine, dry particles.

Pros of DEWALT DWV010 HEPA Dust Extractor

  • Double Interchangeable Filters
    It has two HEPA filters, which switch every 45 seconds to prevent each from clogging. This means you do not have to keep checking whether you need to alternate it or if the filters are functioning as they should. It saves a lot of time. The 8-gallon container has a lot of space for your sawdust, and so it saves you the repeated trips to empty the gallon.
  • Long Cord
    The 15 feet anti-static hose is powerful and wide enough to enable suction without clogging. The part that connects the hose to the machine has a lock that makes it stay in place as you work. The wide hose is long enough to allow you space to hover around the workshop without necessarily moving the 27 lbs extractor. The hose is rubber, and it feels secure when you connect it to the extractor. That plus the fact that the material will not wear out soon.
  • Quite Portable
    This extractor weighs a mere 27 pounds, which makes it a lightweight in the equipment section. It does not have any hang-on, so all you will need to carry is your cord to connect to power and work from wherever. It has an 8-feet power cord to enable you to connect to power from a distance. It starts as soon as you switch it on. It is an easy-to-operate machine.

    For even easier portability, the extractor has two pairs of casters made of the same heavy material as the rest of the machine. They glide effortlessly on smooth and slightly rough terrain to help you move the extractor to your mobile workshop.

  • An on-and-off Switch
    Dewalt has done a great job of keeping this extractor ahead of the competition. The on-and-off switch is an easy operation that only needs a flick to get going. It is within reach so that you can start and stop the extractor whenever you need.
  • Powerful Motor
    The 15 Amp motor on this machine suctions air at 130 cubic feet per meter, making it a powerful suction that eliminates all sawdust from the surface. It can handle very fine dust as cement as well as larger particles that come from all the sawing that is typical to a woodshop
  • Easy To Clean Material
    The exterior is made of durable plastic that lasts long. The 8-gallon collection tank on the machine is hard plastic that withstands the mobility. The extractor comes with a fleece bag that you place inside the collection tank to catch all the dust that the machine suctions. The aftermath is an easy-to-clean process with little or no dust leaked into the bag. You can get more fleece bags from the company as you need them.


A few reviews say that the suction is not as powerful as some people may like it. The wet part is a bit of an exaggeration because the machine does not do very well with wet surfaces. This extractor releases 76 decibels, which is not the most silent. Some machines from the competition are less noisy.

What Do we Think?

DeWalt has been in the business for years, and woodworkers have lauded their woodworking tools and equipment as some of the best on the market. In fact, they are so good at what they do that almost all their releases become an instant hit (except for one or two tools that went wrong and were discontinued by the company). This extractor is no different. It costs a heap, but don’t all good things? It works so well that you will wonder how your woodshop ever did without it.
One more thing: all the parts are available at DeWalt. When the parts wear out (which will be a long time into the machine’s use), you can get the spares from the manufacturer. DeWalt has a 3-year warranty on this machine. Isn’t that cool?

Why put off this purchase?

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