DEWALT DW030P Laser Distance Measurer – yay or nay?

I admit it. I like cool tools. Don’t get me wrong, my top priority is getting the job done, but if you can do it in style, why not? The Dewalt DW030P is definitely a cool tool. It has lasers and buttons and a back-lit display. Oh my. It even LOOKS cool in the trademark Dewalt yellow and black. And, it does stuff!

Why do you need one?

What kind of stuff can you do with a laser distance measurer? Well, you can measure of course. You can measure a lot! This thing has an accuracy of 1/8 inch for a 100 foot measurement. Not exactly Egyptian architecture accurate, but close enough for me.

Have you ever put in a floor? You have to measure square footage and get it right because getting it wrong costs money. So you measure your floor with a traditional measure and if you’re lucky you have a carpenter’s pencil or pen and you find a piece of card board and start writing down the measurements. Of course you don’t have a calculator, who carries around a calculator. So you write it all down, tally everything up on your fingers and take your piece of cardboard to the hardware store. That’s when the doubts start creeping in. Did you measure right? Are your calculations right? That kind of doubt makes you buy more flooring than you really need.
But if you had a super cool laser distance measurer like the DW030P, you would buy EXACTLY the amount of flooring you need every time.

You just place the thing where you want it and shoot the laser to the point you are measuring to. No cardboard or pencil needed. This tool measures continuously, stores the measurements for you AND it calculates your measurements to, say it with me, 1/8 inch. Talk about saving brain cells and money. No doubts, no extra flooring.
Throw in a back lit display so you can measure in the dark, a handy lanyard and operation so simple that Lawrence P Mangindin had to actually find that pencil and write about it. He was so happy with his DW030P he said

“Great tool for measuring. I would recommend this. I didn’t even read the instruction….self explanatory.”

Thanks Lawrence!

You know how we hate to read directions.
Dewalt even understands that if you use tools you probably use a remote control so the buttons on the DW030P are set up like a remote. Easy to understand so you’ll know what to do right away, get your work done and get back to watching tv.

Is it sturdy?

Don’t be afraid to drop this thing either. It’s tough enough to withstand a 6 foot drop and keep on measuring. If something does go wrong, you’ve got that standard Dewalt 3 year warranty to help you out.

But how does it compare against it’s most fierce competitor, Bosch ?