Delta 28-400 Band Saw Review: Does it have all the features you need?

The Delta 28-400 is a bandsaw that takes up a lot of space and that can handle professional tasks for any advanced hobbyist or small professional service. Bandsaws are tools that hold a saw taut between two large wheels and drive it with a powerful motor. This then allows you to move a piece of wood (or sheet metal in some cases) around underneath in order to make straight cuts – or even shaped or patterned cuts.

This is one of the easiest ways to cut through wood and the fact that most bandsaws come with their own, large table for resting the material on only makes life easier for you. This is a brilliant addition to any workshop for all those reasons. Let’s take a look at whether the Delta 28-400 is the right choice for your own workflow…

A heavy Duter Miracle Worker or a complete dud ?

This is a large machine that comes with a heavy duty steel frame and an aluminium trunnion table support. It is made in an industrial looking silver/grey and has the kind of heft and sturdiness that we like to see from more expensive tools. Of course, this does have quite a large footprint, so if you’re going to be slipping it into your home office then it may pay to take some measurements first to make certain that it is going to fit in nicely!

Size wise this also has some benefits. It’s very heavy, which ensures that it’s not going to wobble and rock while you use it. That cast iron table also benefits from being ‘oversized’ at 15 ¾ inch by 18 7/8 inch. This gives you plenty of room for moving things around and getting the right angle and it’s a very welcome inclusion. That table also tilts up to 45 degrees, meaning you can use it to make bevelled cuts. And to further mimic the benefits of a compound miter saw you also get a positive stop so that you can quickly find the right angle.

What really matters though is the way that a bandsaw cuts and this gives you plenty of power thanks to its 14inch saw and its 1HP motor. That’s enough to cut through thick wood with ease, as well as non-ferrous metals. There’s a two-speed pulley, which is an important feature on any bandsaw if you intend on cutting through metal (faster saws do not work with sheet metal). Of course 1HP isn’t quite as powerful as 2HP and for some people that’s going to be a downside. But it is still plenty powerful and will be more than most hobbyists need and enough for a lot of professionals too.

Pros and Cons

The advantages of the Delta 28-400 revolve around its stable construction, it’s good cost-to-power ratio and the fact that it’s a 1HP motor driving a 14” saw – which is more than enough for the vast majority of tasks. This is a large, powerful machine that is going to give you a lot of scope when it comes to cutting through things.

In terms of the build quality though, the blade does rattle a little which is slightly disappointing when everything else is so strong and durable feeling. Likewise, it’s a bit of a shame that it doesn’t come with a fence. You can fit this yourself of course, but it’s something that you would get with a lot of other devices included. And speaking of value, it is also not quite as affordable as some other 14” bandsaws with 1HP.

As long as these issues aren’t deal breakers for you though, then you’re going to find that this is a well-made and very capable bandsaw and one that makes a big difference to your cutting capabilities.


Overall, this is a good choice for anyone that is looking for a bandsaw capable of handling all but the very most challenging cuts. It’s obviously less powerful than a 2HP with a 17” blade but it’s going to be more than enough for most people and certainly for hobbyists. It’s good value for money even if it lacks a couple of features.
So, what do you think? Will you be picking up the Delta 28-400? Let us know in the comments below or feel free to check our many other reviews for more bandsaw options!