Easy work with cordless screwdriver!

You need drills! Will you go for a hammer with a nail or manual drilling? It is waste of time as well as waste of your physical power. Thinking of hiring a day laborer? You can do so; but I would say it simply as waste of money. As you need the work (drilling) done, you can ask me, “how”? It is a cordless screwdriver which alone can solve this issue. You will not have to work too much or you do not need to hire somebody else. Have it in your hand, trigger the button and the drill is done within a while.

From words of its name, already you came to know that it is cordless (means no cord here). You do not get hassle to plug it into an outlet in the wall. Thus it became portable easier a lot. Do not get concerned on its getting of electrical power. It is well equipped with containing its power interface to get the power supply. It is a machine and I need to remind you that it is a necessary tool required almost in any tasks you are involved in. For getting the job done quickly this is simply unparallel.

What is it?

Cordless screwdrivers contain-

ð  A battery (rechargeable) which supplies the electrical power to a reversible motor mounted on a shaft.

It consists of a number of bits (interchangeable) along with

ð  flat blade

ð  A Philips head

ð  Attachments of sockets.

The complete set comprises chargers, toolbox with its usual components. Users (crafters or other people) prefer this powerful tool to get rid of hand exhaustion. Its motor creates torques and excels the power than that of any other screwdrivers.

Working features-

The working principle is based on the torque the motor creates. A screw is made to penetrate several layers of fiber of woods, boards or walls. Therefore significant twisting power or strength is mandatory and the cordless screwdriver (fully charged) should have this plenty. What you see (drilling) is the complete resultant of torque and that is why this parameter (torque) is featured more than the speed. Sometimes, you may be allowed to tighten screws manually with your hand and you can use the torque only if required.

A cordless screwdriver has another appealing feature and that is its reversibility. You may find some of the screws damaged or rusty while your deconstruction work. Removing these screws manually may arise difficult, sometimes impossible for you. The cordless screwdrivers are there to do this horrible job. You will notice its reversibility feature here and interestingly it is capable to overcome the initial resistance. Now you can bring the screw out of the layer or material. A two way button or switch on the grip side will aid you to make the motor run in either direction.

battery operated cordless screwdriver

Product features-

A cordless screwdriver can be of variable features. Variations may come up with extended varieties in voltage, speed (in rpm), weight, number of bits, direction of motors, maximum torque, clutch settings, price etc.

ð  Voltage ranges from approximately 2 to 12 volt.

ð  Speed ranges from approximately 180 to 2300 rpm.

ð  The price varies from approximately $25 to $200

Besides, some other attributes like charging capabilities, number of bits, maximum torque, clutch settings etc. may be of different variations. Some of the kits provide charging stands or carrying case. Its coating made up of rubber protects it and gives it an easy gripping surface for the user. The pivoting head aids it to drive screws in a tight spot or layer.


ð  You can easily avoid those repetitive motions to get rid of stresses, as a large workload of screwing can put stresses on your hand and your arm muscles.

ð  Cordless screwdrivers (installed above workstations or others) can tighten screws or perform drilling repeatedly. If you go for doing those manually, you may face repeatedly bumping or scraping which can lead to injury also.

ð  If you can accurately and safely place the cordless screwdriver on a screw, it can drive the screw home gently generating enough twisting power. There is no need of awkward hand positions at all.

ð  In tight spaces, this tool can turn screws in either direction to drive in or out of the layer effectively. Manually it may prove impossible to you.

ð  Definitely it will aid you to repair your home or other appliances. It will save your time, money and labor. You will enjoy working with this tool.

Be careful-

You need to pay attention to some points while using a cordless screwdriver. No doubt that it is a gift for workers or home users. It is better not to go for cheaper sets as they may not generate required torque when a heavy duty work needs much of it. Even, it cannot afford sufficient battery life while charging. Bits cheaper, can be broken off unexpectedly while usage. Do not force it to do work beyond its limit. If a screw refuses or is unable to budge, you should stop at once and think for alternatives to perform the job.

How to repair cordless screwdrivers?

To maximize the usage and keep them working, you need to maintain or repair your cordless screwdriver. If the battery gets weaker, the tool may face power problem. Here are some instructions for you.

ð  You have to inspect this tool in a regular fashion. Trace out whether the rotating shaft got damaged. Find out those obstacles those may hamper generation of torque.

ð  Check up batteries removing the cover. If they are damaged, replace them with a newer one. You should be careful about poles (positive or negative ends) for contacts of batteries.

ð  If  cordless screwdrivers still fails to work, you need to find out the problem. Make sure that all components are in correct contacts. If the tool is segmented multiple (three), flush all components properly.

ð  You can also contact with the customer service of the manufacturing company. You can change or replace any parts from there.