A “Stairway to (DIY) Heaven” for Patrick, 24

My name is Patrick, am 24 years old and a college student. Ever since I was in upper class and about 10 years old, my sleep would always be interrupted in the midst of the night by some walking adult in the house stairway-to-diy-heaven(mostly one of my parents). This was as a result of the creaking wooden staircase which had been in this sorry state for as far back as I could recall. I remember almost scolding my mom in my ignorance and challenging her to fix the noisy staircase, failure to which I would tear it apart myself. She would just smile and pose the challenge back to me asking me to grow up real quick so that I would do it myself. I never took this challenge seriously until recently when I decided to face it and bring some change, fulfilling my childhood ambition in a more positive way. I decided to bring it down and fix a firm staircase myself!

Setting myself up for a WIN!

This project was in no way going to fail, and I decided to give it my all, after all it was mine. As per the well stipulated plan, I obtained hardwood from a friend’s father who was an all time carpenter at a favorable price. I really had to ensure it was quality wood since I did not want any disappointments with my final output. Luckily my father had almost all the tools that I needed in the garage, making my first phase even easier for me. I now had all the material that I needed; including an overall bought my mother to express her support.

Surprise Failures and the will to succeed…

This was actually the first time for me to carry out extensive woodwork, but I apparently had all the knowledge that I required on fixing a staircase. This included a journal I had borrowed from a friend majoring in carpentry in college and some tutorials I had downloaded too. And that is when reality struck me real hard. It never occurred to me that the actual working was this challenging compared to the stepwise tutorials I had obtained! I had to take so much caution with the measurements and had to redo almost every stair due to some error in the measured lengths. It actually almost took mi half a day before I could accurately estimate the correct dimensions and spaces between the steps. And this is when I realized my mistake! Since I was making the staircase separately and then fix it to the floors, I discovered when done halfway that I was making an inverted staircase! I have never felt so downtrodden before especially since I had already begun patting myself on the back for an exemplary progress, I literally had to start again. It was at this point that the idea of just letting go of my project and contracting some expert in this field struck me.

I was however so determined to let this go, and I did the unimaginable. I dismantled everything and started afresh. I was at an advantage this time since I knew how to go about it and actually took lesser time than before, making it even more effective than it would have been earlier.


I managed to complete this endeavor in the night with my family waiting anxiously to debut this great milestone. I never felt so important before as I watched my two nephews jump on my complete project without as much as a creak being heard. This success gave me so much confidence in my undertakings; making me the daring person that I am to undertaking anything that I believe is possible and necessary. My parents were so proud of me, especially for having set the standards for my smaller siblings, who till this day try to outdo me by responsibly taking initiative for small home improvement projects and am glad that I positively impacted them to that level.


Isn’t it amazing to see that such a young and inexperienced guy got his balls together to prove that he’s a man? We all start with a problem, but not everyone is toolerant enough to actually do something about it. By striving forward, even after failing first, shows maturity. Patrick made an impact in this world – will you?

All the best,